How to Unlock a Magnavox DVD

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DVD movie discs are made so that they will only work if both they and the player they are inserted into have been manufactured for use in the same part of the world–for example, the United States or Japan. To change the way a Magnavox DVD player interacts with DVDs, alter, or "unlock," this limitation. The procedure can be done using the included remote control and requires very little time. Once the procedure is completed, it won't matter where the DVD was originally intended to play.


Step 1

Point the Magnavox DVD remote control at the Magnavox DVD player. Press the remote's "On" button.

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Step 2

Push once on the "Open" button to eject the disc tray. Wait for the disc tray to fully extend.


Step 3

Press the "Info" button on the remote. Press the "9" numeric key on the remote.

Step 4

Press once on the "On" button to close the tray and turn the player off. Press "On" again to turn on the Magnavox in an unlocked state.