How to Unlock a Panasonic DVD Player

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You can prevent access to inappropriate DVDs with Panasonic's locking feature.

A Panasonic DVD player allows you to enjoy movies from your DVD library as well as rented or borrowed films. Many Panasonic players come with a ratings feature. This allows parents to lock a DVD and prevent inappropriate viewing. The DVDs are locked by assigning a rating from 0 to 7. Any DVD that is inserted into the player that has a rating within this range will require a password for viewing. You can unlock the DVD by entering the four-digit password. If you forgot your password, you can unlock the DVD by resetting the unit.


Step 1

Turn on your Panasonic DVD player.

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Step 2

Insert a "locked" DVD. This is a DVD that you have assigned a rating to that is between 0 and 7. You will see the password screen appear after inserting the locked DVD.


Step 3

Enter your four-digit password using the number buttons on the Panasonic remote. Press "Enter" on the remote.

Step 4

Reset the unit. If you have forgotten your four-digit ratings password, you can reset the unit to gain access. Make sure the player is stopped. Press and hold the remote's buttons that correspond to the following: rewind, pause and eject. Hold the buttons until the "Initialized" message disappears from the television screen.


Step 5

Turn the Panasonic DVD player off and then on again. All settings will return to their default values, and DVDs will be unlocked.



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