How to Unlock My Posts on Facebook

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When you make a post to Facebook, the site shares it with others according to privacy settings you've established for your profile. Although more stringent privacy settings are appropriate for some updates, share posts that advertise or promote business or creative endeavors with all other Facebook users for maximum exposure. Delete and re-post existing private status updates as public to maximize their visibility.


Step 1

Log in to your Facebook profile. Click your name in the top, left corner of the Facebook profile page to visit your profile.

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Step 2

Scroll down through your status updates to locate the one you want to make public. Copy the text of the status update -- and, if necessary, any links or multimedia you've attached to it -- to your computer's clipboard.


Step 3

Delete your private status update and re-post it as public. Click the "x" icon next to the status update in question and click "Delete." Paste the status update into the "Status" field at the top of your profile -- and attach any links or multimedia if necessary -- then click the "Lock" icon to the left of the "Share" button. Click "Everyone" to maximize visibility, then click "Share" to share the post.





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