How to Unlock the FPA Setting for an RCA Television

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How to Unlock the FPA Setting for an RCA Television
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RCA produces many electronic products that you may have connected to your home entertainment system. The RCA line of televisions feature a front panel access (FPA) lock, also known as a parental lock, that you can use to prevent children from watching certain shows. If you have an RCA television that has already been locked, it can be difficult to unlock this feature. By following the instructions for accessing the FPA system, you can unlock your television and return to normal viewing.


Step 1

Turn on your television by pressing the "Power" button on the remote control. You must have a working remote control in order to reset the password for your FPA system and unblock the parental lock. Press the "Vol +" button on the remote control and the "Channel +" button on the front of the television at the same time until "Enter New Password" appears on the screen.

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Step 2

Use the number pad on the remote to enter a new FPA passcode. This number should be four digits long. When finished entering the code, press the "OK" button to save the code. Press the "Menu" button to exit the new password creation screen. Write down your passcode as you will need it to change the parental lock settings.


Step 3

Press the "Menu" button on the remote to enter the main menu. Press the "Ch +" and "Ch -" buttons to move up and down in the menu. Select the "Preferences" option and press the "OK" button. Navigate to the "Par Control" option on the next screen and press "OK."

Step 4

Use the number pad to enter in your newly created passcode. Press "OK" to display a list of television program ratings. Use the "Ch +" and "Ch -" buttons to navigate through the list and press the "OK" button to lock or unlock a rating. If a rating has a check by it, it means it is locked. When finished choosing your settings, press the "Menu" button to return to the main menu.