How to Reset the Parental Password on a Vizio TV

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To the help parents regulate the viewing habits of this children without direct and constant oversight, the TV maker Vizio equipped many of their TVs with a parental control option. With with use of the parental control, parents are able to block whole channels and shows or movies of particular ratings with a simple passcode. The default Vizio system passcode is "0000," which can be activated as a working passcode, or changed to a new passcode. Passcodes are limited to numerical characters and to four digits in length.


Step 1

Press "Menu" on your Vizio remote control.

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Step 2

Use the direction buttons on your remote control key pad to navigate to the "Parental Control" icon on the "Setup" menu.


Step 3

Press "Enter" to access "Parental Controls."

Step 4

Enter your four digit access code and press "Enter."


Step 5

Scroll through the "Parental Control" to "Access Code Edit" and press "Enter."

Step 6

Enter, then re-enter a new four digit access code, and press "Enter" to submit it and reset your Vizio TV parental password.

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