How to Unsubscribe to a Yahoo! Group

By Aaron Parson

With over 10 million groups, [Yahoo Groups]( helps connect you with discussions on topics that interest you, but when you find yourself deleting group email after email without opening them, it's time to cut back on your subscriptions. To keep your inbox under control, unsubscribe or restrict group emails, or leave a group entirely to also remove it from your group list on the Yahoo Groups website. If you want to drop a group you created, you first need to assign a new owner to the group.

Leave a Group or Group Emails

Step 1

Visit the Yahoo group you want to leave or stop receiving emails from. **Open the "Membership" menu and click "Edit Membership"** to see the group options.

Step 2

Click the "Edit Settings" icon in the Subscription section if you want to unsubscribe from group emails without leaving the group entirely.

Step 3

**Choose "No Email" and press "Save" to unsubscribe from emails**. As an alternative to receiving emails for every group update or unsubscribing entirely, you could also **pick "Daily Digest" to receive one email per day that contains all the group's news**. Pick "Special Notices" to receive emails only from group moderators.

Step 4

Scroll to the bottom of the options and **press "Leave Group" if you want to completely drop the group**. Click "Leave" on the confirmation screen to unsubscribe from the group and its emails. To rejoin a restricted group after leaving, you'll need to request membership again. To rejoin a private group, you need a new invitation.

Transfer Group Ownership

Step 1

**Open the "Management" menu** on a group you own and click "Manage Members" to see a list of your subscribers.

Step 2

Click on the member you want to take over as the group's owner. You can click "Moderators" to pick from the list of current moderators, or use the search bar to find a specific user.

Step 3

**Select "Owner" as the role and press "Save"** to designate a new owner. Groups can have multiple owners, so assigning a new owner doesn't automatically remove you. After picking the new owner, leave your group using the regular method for leaving a group.

Tips & Warnings

  • To step down as a group's owner without leaving the group, assign a new owner and then select yourself in the member list and choose "Member" as your role.
  • Unsubscribe from group emails directly from your email by sending a blank email to "," replacing "groupname" with the group's actual name. This method works only to stop emails, not to leave the group entirely or to switch to daily digest emails.
  • To completely delete a group you own, click "Management," "Control Panel" and then "Delete Group." If anyone else uses the group, however, try to find a new owner instead to avoid stranding your members.
  • Some groups don't archive messages on the group website, meaning if you unsubscribe from the group emails, you'll completely miss the group's messages.
  • If you leave your group to another owner and change your mind later, you'll have to ask the new owner to regain your position -- and the owner might refuse. Don't resign from a group you created unless you're sure you don't want the job.