How to Upload a Resume on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn can increase your networking opportunities.
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Your Profile page and the Job Application page of an employer that maintains a LinkedIn Company page are the two areas of the LinkedIn website where you can upload your resume. According to LinkedIn, over three million businesses maintain a LinkedIn Company page and there are more than 300 million registered members -- which makes the website an effective platform to find employment and connect with your peers. When you upload your resume through a Job Application page, the website attaches your resume to the application for the available position. However, when you upload it through the Profile page, the website pulls the relevant information from your resume to populate your LinkedIn profile.


Upload Your Resume Through Your Profile Page

Step 1

Sign in to LinkedIn, and then click the "Profile" tab.

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Step 2

Click the arrow next to the Edit Profile button and then select "Import Resume."

Step 3

Click the "Browse" button, navigate to your resume, and then select the file.

Step 4

Click the "Upload Resume" button, and then check all of the fields on the page to ensure that the information pulled from your resume is accurate.


Step 5

Click "Save Changes" to complete the upload process.

Attach a Resume to a Job Application

Step 1

Go to the employer's LinkedIn Job Application page.

Step 2

Click the "Apply Now" button, and then click "Upload a File" in the Resume/Cover Letter section.

Step 3

Navigate to your resume file and select it. Click the "Submit" button to submit the application with your resume attached.


If the option to import your resume isn't available on your Profile page, you can use the Guided Edited Tour feature to help you complete your profile. The feature helps you to add all of the information that would be on your resume to your Profile page, such as your education and job history. Click the "Guided Editing Tour" text link on the Importing Information From Your Resume Web page to complete your profile.


Your resume file cannot exceed 5MB in size.

You are only allowed to upload your resume in the PDF or Microsoft Word file format when submitting an application for a job through a company's LinkedIn Job Application page.

When you upload your resume to your Profile page, you may only upload it in the PDF, HTML, text or Microsoft Word file formats.


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