How to Upload Photos on a Computer

Transferring images to your computer is easy via a USB connection.

Part of the joy of digital photography is the ease with which you can share images by uploading them to a photo-sharing site or e-mailing them to friends. You can also use photo editing software programs to enhance marginal images or turn your images into artistic designs with advanced photo processing and layering. Before you can do any of that however, you'll need to transfer the images from the memory card in the camera to your computer.


Step 1

Plug your camera or card reader into your computer via the USB cable. If you are using your camera, turn it on in the play mode. If you are using the card reader, remove the memory card from your camera and plug it into the card reader.

Step 2

Open the folder where your images are stored on the memory card when prompted by your computer's OS, which will happen when the camera is turned on or the card is plugged into the reader.

Step 3

Choose "Select All" from the top of your computer's explorer window, then press cut.

Step 4

Create a folder on your hard drive to store your photos and name it something appropriate to the photo session so that you can easily keep track of where the photos are.

Step 5

Press "paste" to move the photos from your memory card to the folder on your computer.


Step 1

Connect your camera to your Apple via a USB cable and turn the camera on; put it in playback mode.

Step 2

Click "Import Selected" or "Import All" when prompted by iPhoto. With a card reader, you will need to manually open iPhoto, then click the camera icon under devices and then click "Import All."

Step 3

Click the eject button to finish the import process once all photos have been downloaded.

Things You'll Need

  • Camera or card reader

  • USB cable

  • Computer


Using a card reader is usually faster than transferring photos via your computer. It has the added advantage that it saves battery life on your camera as well.