How to Use a Cassette Player

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A cassette player.

The cassette player has proven to be an essential audio component. While digital recordings and playback have become more dominant over the years, many essential audio documents remain in the analog format and require the use of an audio cassette player.


Step 1

Check that the cassette player has a power supply. If the player requires batteries, properly install the appropriate batteries into the player according to the diagram printed on the inside of the battery compartment. If the player has a power cable, make sure it is safely plugged into the wall. Connect any speakers, headphones or any other amplifying equipment using the proper cables and jacks. If there is a power switch on the player, turn it to the "On" position


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Step 2

Find the "Eject" button and press it. Before you put a cassette in the machine, use a pencil or your small finger to turn the sprockets to make sure the magnetic tape inside is taut. If the player is a model with a tape door, the door will open. Place the cassette, tape side fist, in the slot. Gently close the tape door and make sure it is completely shut. If the player requires you to slide the tape in (a car stereo, for example), press "Eject" to make sure the player is empty first, then orient the tape according to the diagram on the tape door and gently push it in.


Step 3

Adjust the volume to a low level and press "Play", then adjust the volume accordingly. To stop the tape, press the "Stop" button. To temporarily pause the tape, press the "Pause" button, but note that the player is still in operation in pause mode. To move the tape along to later point, press "Stop" and then "Fast Forward". To remind the tape, press "Stop" then "Rewind".



Step 4

Once the tape has reached the end of a side, if your player does not start playing the other side automatically, press "Stop" if need be, then "Eject." Remove the tape, flip it over and re-insert it into the player and press "Play."

Step 5

Once you are done using the tape player, either press "Stop" on the player or press "Stop" and turn off the power switch.




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