How to Use a Panasonic TV Remote

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Operating your Panasonic TV remote will control volume, input, channel, and menu options.

Panasonic is a multinational corporation that produces consumer electronics. A Nov. 2010 CNET article stated that Panasonic holds its place at the top of the list in the "Best 5 HDTVs: Picture Quality." Take control of your TV and TV remote by knowing all of the controls.


Step 1

Open the back of the remote to ensure it contains the appropriate batteries by pulling back the latch. Different TV remotes take different batteries; among the most common batteries are AA and AAA.

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Step 2

Turn your TV on by pressing the circular, red button labeled "Power" on the top-left of the remote.


Step 3

Set the time, date, sleep timer, brightness and contrast if this is your first time using your television or remote by pressing the menu button labeled "Menu" near the top-left of the remote.

Step 4

Adjust the volume and channel to your desired levels by moving the buttons up and down. The volume and channel controls can be found in the middle of the remote, labeled "Vol" and "Ch," respectively. The mute, format, info, and favorites button can be found directly under the volume and channel buttons.


Step 5

Press the Viera Tools button, located at the top-center, to access Viera Link, Photo Viewer, and Eco Mode. Viera Link uses the control signals that are transmitted through an HDMI cable for automated functions; Photo Viewer allows you to view pictures from an SD memory card and Eco Mode uses less power in darkly lit conditions without any compromise of the picture quality to save energy.



Step 6

Switch channels by using the number buttons. Tapping on various buttons will take you to the channel that corresponds with the numbers. For example, pressing "1" and "3" will take you to channel 13.

Step 7

Control DVD, VHS, or Blu-Ray players with the controls located at the bottom of the remote. In this section, you can pause, play, fast-forward, rewind and stop your disc.

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