How to Change a TV to Video Without a Remote

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Using your television to watch movies or play video games requires changing the television mode from TV to VIDEO. Once set to VIDEO you will not be able to view broadcast television programs until the television is set back to TV. While this is most often accomplished using your remote control, it is good to have an alternate method in case the remote becomes lost or damaged.



Step 1

Turn on the television. If it is set to VIDEO you will see a black screen and, depending on the model, a VIDEO indicator message at the bottom of the screen.


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Step 2

For older televisions, locate the INPUT button on the front, side, or back control panel of the television. Press to change the mode to TV. If you cannot locate the button, look for a label that reads TV/VIDEO, GAME MODE, or MODE.


Step 3

On a newer television, locate the MENU button on the front, side, or back control panel of the television to enter the set up screen. Once you access the set up screen, set the mode to TV from the main menu. Check your owner manual for instructions on whether to use the volume or channel controls to move within the main menu.




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