How to Use a Wireless Router as a Cellphone Signal Booster

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Increasing cellphone range is the task of specialized routers.
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Modern cellphones that operate on 3G and 4G systems often use boosters to increase range. These devices are important if the structure or building where you use the phone offers poor range from the 3G or 4G service outside. These boosters are wireless cellphone routers, able to boost and re-transmit data from your cellphone carrier as well as your broadband Internet provider.


Step 1

Connect your broadband Internet or 3G/4G modem to the 3G/4G router. Use the Ethernet cable for the broadband modem and the USB port for the wireless cellphone modem.

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Step 2

Plug the AC power supplies for the modem and router/booster to available AC outlets. Wait for the green indicator lights to come on, indicating a solid signal and reception.


Step 3

Open the "Settings" or "Setup" options on your phone. Examine it for the indicator from the new router/booster. Scroll to and select this icon using the keypad to access the booster's signal.




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