Uniden Cordless Phone Instructions

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Established in 1966, the Japan based Uniden Corporation specializes in all things wireless. The company manufactures and markets wireless products that include cordless telephones, business telecommunication systems, Bearcat scanners, FRS/SMRS radios, and marine radios, just to name a few. Uniden's U.S. corporate offices are located in Fort Worth Texas.


Getting to Know Your Phone

There are many models of Uniden Cordless phones. While the models vary, most features of the phones are the same. Before using your cordless phone, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the features. Every Uniden Cordless phone comes with a handset that includes a LDC display, standard number display and key setting options. Your Headset Jack Cover will appear on the left or right side of your cordless phone and will be marked with a headset icon. The handset's charging contacts will rest at the bottom of the handset. Plug in your charging base. You will need to plug in the provided DC 9V jack and the telephone line. Install the handset's rechargeable battery. Remove the battery's case cover and place the battery pack in the battery compartment. Place the cover back on the back of the handset and slide it upwards until it clicks. Once completed, rest the handset in the base and allow it to fully charge. The battery icon that appears on your handset's LCD screen will indicate the battery's status. Allow four charging hours for a full battery life. For the best reception, place the base in a high resting position and away from electrical sources such as microwaves, fluorescent lighting and refrigerators.


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Basic Setup

Your Uniden Cordless phone will require some basic setup. First, you will need to select your language. Your language choices are English, French and Spanish. Press the Menu button on your handset and select the Handset Setup menu. Next, select the Language submenu, move the cursor to your language choice, using the arrow key. Once selected, press the Select button to confirm. You will then be required to establish the date and time settings. Enter the setup by pressing the Menu button. Select the Global Setup menu and then the Day &Time submenu. Move the cursor to select the day of the week and then press Select. Repeat the process for the hour, minutes and AM/PM selections, pressing the Select button after each selection.



Voice Mail

You can also set up your cordless phone to access your voicemail with one touch. You must obtain the voicemail access number from your telephone provider. To set up the one touch access, press the Menu button. Move your cursor to the Handset Setup menu, press Select. Next, move your cursor to the Edit Voice Mail option and press Select. Enter the personal access number that was provided to you by your telephone provider. The number cannot exceed 20 digits. Once finished, press the Select button. The phone will acknowledge the set up with a tone confirmation. You have completed your setup.




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