How to Use Boost Mobile in Mexico

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Using your Boost Mobile is possible for all users.

Whether you reside in Mexico or you're just visiting from out of the country, Boost Mobile features international plans and options for traveling and out-of-the-country services. Different rates apply for various countries, so be sure to check the rates where you're going before traveling with your Boost Mobile phone.


Step 1

Visit a local electronics store or Boost Mobile retailer to sign up for Boost Mobile. Sign up for the Boost Mobile "Unlimited" plan, which costs $50 a month as of 2010 for unlimited calling and texting nationwide. This feature also comes with Boost Mobile's "Walkie-Talkie" service, which helps eliminate international costs. If you do not have Boost Mobile's unlimited plan that includes the "Walkie-Talkie" feature, then you will be charged $1 a day for a pay-as-you-go international calling plan in addition to paying per minute from Mexico.


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Step 2

Check with your Boost Mobile retailer or your Boost Mobile's phone manual for any information regarding the limitations of its uses, as each phone varies in operation and with location-specific reception. Most recent Boost Mobile phones should have no problem receiving a signal and reception in Mexico.


Step 3

Dial any phone numbers as you normally would from Mexico using your Boost Mobile phone. Phone calls from Mexico to the United States run $.10 per minute as of 2010. If you are calling a land line in the United States from Mexico City, it will only cost you $.02 per minute for the international call.