How to Use IP Config

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IP Config is a command used in the Dos Prompt to find the information on your system about the detailed network you are connected to. This can be used to find the Subnet Mask, IP address, and to release and reset your IP address. This small test can be run in order to see that you are able to connect to the Internet without requiring the assistance of a technician.


Step 1

Bring up your command prompt by clicking on your Start button and then hitting Run in Windows XP, and type in CMD in the box and hit Enter. If using Vista, type in CMD in the Search box and hit Enter when you hit the Windows icon at the bottom left of your start screen.

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Step 2

Type in IPCONFIG/ALL after the new prompt that is opened in the Dos window. This will bring up all the network information on your system, as well as let you know if you have any errors with your IP address. You should not have or 165 or 169 as the first three numbers of your IP address. This information is found under Ethernet on this screen.


Step 3

Type PING GOOGLE.COM after the new prompt that starts and hit Enter. This will contact and if you are able to access the Internet, it will respond back to you with 4 sent packets and 4 received packets. This means your computer is working at the capacity it should be.


Step 4

Force the adapter to give up it's current IP address if you have as your IP address by typing in IPCONFIG/RELEASE and hit Enter. This will erase your address so that you can access a new one that will work on the Internet.


Step 5

Renew your IP address now by typing in IPCONFIG/RENEW and hit Enter after the new prompt. This accesses the Internet and your network, and reassigns a good IP address to your computer so that you may now surf. Type in EXIT, and hit Enter. Now close the Dos window and you have renewed your IP address.

Things You'll Need

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  • Internet Access



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