How to Use On Demand From Comcast

Using Comcast's XFINITY On Demand varies, depending on which iteration of the service your set-top box is running. You may have the X1 Platform or the "On Demand" service, depending on your service package. XFINITY On Demand is a type of video-on-demand service where the cable company delivers programming to a single customer following a customer request, as opposed to the scheduled broadcast to all customers. Comcast re-branded the company's cable, Internet and phone services with the XFINITY name in early 2010.

Comcast's XFINITY On Demand is a part of the company's cable TV service.
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How to Use The X1 Platform on Demand From Comcast

Step 1

Press the "Menu" button on the remote control. The menu button may be branded with the word "Xfinity."

Step 2

Choose "On Demand" from the menu screen. The X1 Platform combines the TV Guide and On Demand features as well as adds application support in a single interface.

Step 3

Use the arrow keys and "OK" button on the remote to navigate the program listings and select the show or movie you want to watch. You can use the "Page Up" and "Page Down" arrows to navigate the menu faster.

Step 4

Choose "Buy" or "Watch" to start the program. Content with the "Buy" button carries additional charges to view, whereas content with the "Watch" button can be viewed at no charge. The X1 Platform will ask you to confirm your choice before starting the program.

How to Use On Demand From Comcast

Step 1

Press the "On Demand" button on the remote control. Alternatively, you can access "On Demand" by tuning to Channel 1: This is useful if you are using the set-top box buttons instead of the remote.

Step 2

Navigate the menu to find the program you want to watch using the arrow keys to move the cursor and press the "OK" or "Select" button to confirm your selection. You can jump between menu pages by pressing the "Page Up" and "Page Down" arrows.

Step 3

Choose the "Watch" or "Buy" option to start your program. Content with the "Watch" option can be viewed free of charge, whereas content with the "Buy" option incurs additional account charges.


You can tell if you have the X1 Platform or regular On Demand by the remote control: the regular version features an "On Demand" button, whereas the X1 Platform does not.

XFINITY customers can use the service's "XFINITY TV Go" app to stream On Demand content and live television on computers and mobile devices. XFINITY TV Go is available on Windows PCs, Mac Computers, Android devices and iOS devices. However, high definition content is restricted to the set-top box and Windows PC platforms: Android devices, iOS devices and Mac computers do not support high definition content playback.

Online program offerings may be restricted, depending on your service package; unavailable content is marked with an orange key. Comcast offers additional streaming options via the "XFINITY Streampix" service which is included in some service packages at no additional charge.


You can avoid accidental Pay-Per-View title orders by configuring a purchase PIN under the Parental Controls option. Purchased content will move from the "Recently Viewed" folder into the "Purchases" folder 72 hours after you start watching it.

You can watch your On Demand purchases on any XFINITY-compatible device; however, rentals are restricted to the device you used to make the rental.

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