How to Use Primo PDF

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Convert documents to PDF easily

PrimoPDF is conversion software that will convert any document type to PDF file format. PDF (Portable Document Format) is a standard file format that allows recipients to view PDF documents as long as they have a PDF viewer program installed on their computer. Using PrimoPDF allows users to utilize the print option to save documents in PDF format.


Step 1

Visit, download and install PrimoPDF software. PrimoPDF is free to install and use. Once installed, PrimoPDF becomes another printer within your list of printers available.

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Step 2

Open the document you want to convert to PDF. Since PrimoPDF is installed as a printer, any file you can print can be converted using PrimoPDF.


Step 3

Click the "Print" button within your software. In most programs the "Print" button is an icon on the toolbar or you may locate the "Print" button within the "File" menu. Pressing "CTRL" plus "P" in any Windows program will bring up the "Print" dialog window.


Step 4

Select "PrimoPDF" from the list of printers and click "Print." This may take a moment but will bring up the PrimoPDF conversion screen. The first time you select the "PrimoPDF" printer, a window will pop up informing you that it may change the file name. If you do not want to view this window again, uncheck the "Always show this message" box and click the "OK" button. Otherwise, click the "OK" button to continue to the PrimoPDF conversion screen.


Step 5

Select the icon for the file compression you want. These options each compress the file differently. The "Screen" option creates the smallest file size and thus, a lower quality. The "eBook" option creates a medium file size. The "PrePress" option creates a very large file size and is best used only when sending documents to a professional printer. The "Custom" option allows you to select resolution size, PDF version and color options.



Step 6

Click on the "Change" button in the "Security" area to add security to the PDF. Security options allow users to add a password in order for the document to be opened or add a password in order to make changes to the document. If you want to set the password on all documents created with PrimoPDF, select the "Always use these settings" check box.


Step 7

Click on the "..." button within the "Save as" area to select the location on your computer in which to save the PDF file.

Step 8

Click on the "Post processing" drop-down arrow to select the option you want to occur after the PDF document has been created. Options are "Open PDF," "Email PDF," or "Do Nothing." The "Open PDF" option will convert the document and open within your PDF viewer. The "Email PDF" option will convert the document and open your e-mail program with the PDF file as an attachment. The "Do Nothing" option will convert the file and close the PrimoPDF window.


Step 9

Click on the "Print" button once you have made the selections above. This will convert the document to a PDF file format and proceed with the option you selected within the "Post processing" drop-down.



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