How to Use Raiser's Edge Fundraising Software

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How to Use Raiser's Edge Fundraising Software. Fundraising organizations are mostly non-profit entities. Big or small, they use Raiser's Edge software to streamline their donor tracking processes. Raiser's Edge puts donor profiles, relationships and gifts into easily assimilated categories. Learn how you can benefit from this software, as well.

Step 1

Start with the gifts you have received today. Open all gifts and lay the checks and/or credit card notices aside.


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Step 2

Open the Raiser's Edge software. You need to be working in the Donor section. Select "Open an Organization" to input corporate gifts and "Open an Individual" to add a person's gift.

Step 3

Type the name of the gift donor in the blank that appears. If it opens to that person or business, they are a repeat donor. If not, you must select "Add Organization" or "Add Individual."


Step 4

Access an organization's information by typing their corporate name in the software field. The next screen shows that company's data. Scan the address and other contact fields, adding any missing information. Select "Relationships" to add any new name mentioned with the gift.


Step 5

Go to the "Gifts" tab to input the current gift. Past gifts show up when the screen opens. Select the "New Gift" link at the top and follow the prompts to input the gift amount and any backup or comment information included.


Step 6

Select the appropriate letter when you get to that icon. The "Letter" icon gives you a list of your pre-configured letters. Decide which one fits your current needs and open it. Add any additional text necessary.

Step 7

Close out of this donor and go to the next gift, repeating Steps 2 through 6. Raiser's Edge software makes it easy to return to this donor, if you need to add anything.


Raisers Edge integrates with Microsoft Word to formulate appropriate letters in order to respond to donors appropriately.



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