How to Use the GPS on My LG Cell Phone

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There are a number of different cell-phone brands these days that come with a GPS software feature. If you have a phone that has this feature, then, in addition to making calls and sending texts, your phone can also direct you to a destination by satellite. If you have an LG phone with GPS tracking on it, it shouldn't be too hard to get it working.


Step 1

Make sure that your LG phone comes with GPS on it.

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Step 2

Click the "OK" button to get into your phone's menu. Click the left or right keys to navigate the menu until you get to "Settings and Tools." Click the "OK" button again once you're there.


Step 3

Scroll down the menu until you find a GPS option. Click the "OK" button again to open up the GPS menu and to see what options you have available. You might have map browsing, finding addresses and other features, depending on your software and how new your phone is.