How to Use the Photoshop Blur Tool

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Using Adobe Photoshop blur tool is a great way to create effects in a photograph. The blur tool can be used to soften images, blur out a background or create a soft romantic tone in a photograph or image. Using the blur tool is quick and all you need to do is learn the few basic steps.

Step 1

Open a photograph in Photoshop.


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Step 2

Click the “Blur” icon on the main tool menu located by default on the left-hand side of the page (it looks like a teardrop) and choose “Blur Tool.”

Step 3

Click on the “Blur Tool Size” icon located on the top toolbar menu. Choose the size of the area that the tool will cover and stroke type from the pull-down menu.


Step 4

Click “Mode” to open the pull-down menu. Choose the type of style that you wish to use, most blur work is “Normal.”

Step 5

Click on the “Strength” arrow to open the sliding strength control. Choose anywhere from 0 to 100% strength depending on how light or how dark you want your blur strokes to be.



Step 6

Click on the layer that you wish to work on from the “Layers” menu.

Step 7

Move the blur tool over the area that you wish to blur. Using the mouse, left-click and hold as you move the tool over the area blurring the layer.

Step 8

Click “Edit” on the main menu and choose “Undo Blur Tool” if you make a mistake.



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