How to Use the Remedy Ticketing System

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The Remedy Action Request System, also know as Remedy or ARS, is a client-server trouble ticketing application produced by BMC and used by organizations to track internal problems and customer-reported issues. If a customer calls customer service to report a service problem, such as Internet access or telephone problems, the customer service agent would open a Remedy ticket. Remedy then routes the ticket to the appropriate trouble queue and group responsible for resolving the problem.


Things You'll Need

  • Windows-based PC
  • Remedy Action Request System software installed on system

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Step 1

Access the Remedy application. Click the Windows "Start" button and then click "Programs." Click "Action Request System" from the displayed menu. The Remedy application will open.


Step 2

Log into the Remedy application. In the Remedy application window, enter the username and password assigned to you by the Remedy administrator and click "Enter." The Remedy User main window will open.

Step 3

Begin ticket creation in Remedy. In the Remedy User main window's toolbar, click on "File" then click "Open." Click on "Object List" from the menu presented and then click "Find." A search box will appear. Type a description of the problem that you are opening a remedy ticket for into the "Search what keywords?" field. Click "Find" and a list of problems will be displayed.


Step 4

Create a new Remedy trouble ticket. From the list of problems displayed in Step 4, click the problem that best describes the issue you are opening a ticket for. The choice will become highlighted. Click "New Ticket" in the problem list window. Remedy will now display its ticketing window, showing the new ticket and ticket number. Fill in the blank ticket fields with the requested customer, address and problem-description information. Click "Save" when complete. Remedy will automatically route the ticket to the group responsible for fixing that type of problem.



Step 5

Search for trouble tickets in Remedy by problem. Type a problem description into the search box located at the top of the Remedy User main window. Click "Search." Remedy will search its database for all tickets matching the problem description and display the results in the results window located under the search box.


Step 6

View Remedy trouble ticket. Select the desired ticket from the tickets displayed in the results section of the Remedy User main window in Step 5. Remedy will open the selected ticket and display that trouble ticket's page containing all details pertaining to the trouble ticket.

Step 7

Search Remedy by ticket queue. Type the name of the ticket queue that you are interested in viewing into the search box located at the top of the Remedy User main window. Click "Search." Remedy will display all the tickets assigned to a particular queue.


Step 8

Search Remedy by ticket number. Type the ticket number you want to find into the search box located at the top of the Remedy User main window. Click "Search." Remedy will display the requested trouble ticket.



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