How to Use Two iPhones On One Computer

By Techwalla Contributor

Using one computer with two iPhones is easier than you think. Follow these easy steps to use two iPhones on the same computer, whether it's a Mac or PC

Things You'll Need

  • Two iPhones
  • One Computer
  • iTunes

Step 1

The first step to hooking up two iPhones to one computer is to make sure that the iPhones have different names. Chances are your two iPhones already have different names as they are probably used by different people. When you first connect the iPhone to a computer, iTunes will ask you to name the iPhone. Just make sure that you name the two seperately.

Step 2

Next, sync up each iPhone one at a time. When you connect each iPhone, iTunes will recognize the unique name and allow you to set up your playlists, photos, etc. unique to that iPhone.When you are done setting up the first iPhone, do the same with the second one.

Step 3

To have two separate sets of contacts, create two gruops of contacts in your address book (on a Mac). Then under the Info tab in iTunes (after selecting your iPhone icon), select which contact groups you want to sync for that iPhone.

Step 4

That's it! It's that easy to set up two iPhones on one computer thanks to Apple's simple programming.

Tips & Warnings

  • When changing iPhone syncing preferences (calendar, playlists, etc.), make sure to hit the "Apply" button on the bottom or the preferences will not save.
  • It is recommended to sync the first iPhone, then back up the computer's hard drive before syncing the second one just in case.