How to View Protected Twitter Updates

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Some Twitter users add protection to their accounts to make them private. Only approved followers can see protected tweets, which don't appear in Google or Twitter searches. If you want to view protected tweets, send a follow request to the account holder who then decides whether or not to give you access.


Send a Follow Request

You can access a protected account in Twitter but you won't see any tweets or activity on it apart from a message on the page telling you that its tweets are protected. To follow the account, select the Follow button to send a request for approval to the account holder. Account holders must manually approve or deny requests to follow protected accounts; your request shows as pending until they decide. If you are approved, you can see the account; if not, it remains hidden.


Video of the Day

The only chink in a protected account's armor is Twitter's link shortener. If an account holder's tweets use the site's service to shorten Web links, they lose some protection. The site's shortener is not private or protected, so anyone can view these shortened links if they find them.