How to Work the Picture-in-Picture on a Vizio TV

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The Vizio TV features a picture-in-picture (PIP) mode to enable the viewer to watch two pictures simultaneously. When the picture-in-picture feature is turned on, this allows two pictures to be displayed at one time. One of these pictures will be displayed as the full screen, which would be the main screen. The other picture displayed is the sub screen, which is a small window located at the bottom corner of your TV screen.


Step 1

Press the "PIP" button on your remote control to activate picture-in-picture mode. Repeatedly pressing the "PIP" button will turn on and off the picture-in-picture mode.

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Step 2

Alternate your picture-in-picture between small, medium and large size by pressing the "PIP Size" button.


Step 3

Swap the smaller sub picture program with the larger main program on the full screen by pressing the "Swap" button on the remote control. Press the "Swap" button again to return to your original main screen selection and sub-screen selection.

Step 4

Change the station that you are watching on the picture-in-picture screen by pressing the "PIP CH" "-" or "+." The channel of the picture-in-picture is independent of the main TV channel, so you change channels selectively and separately of one another using your different channel selection buttons on your remote control. Change your main screen selection as you normally would with your remote control and using the aforementioned "PIP CH" "-" or "+" on the same remote control to change the station of the smaller sub screen picture-in-picture.



Step 5

Select correctly from the input sources that are identified in a list when you are using picture in picture mode by pressing the PIP input button. This allows you to see the main screen picture selections for input sources that are available to choose from. These include TV, AV1, AV2, component 1, component 2, RGB and HDMI. Also for the sub screen these same selections for input sources are available to choose from: TV, AV1, AV2, component 1, component 2, RGB and HDMI.



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