How to Zoom Out in an Asus

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The "Ctrl" key lets you access various Asus zoom shortcut commands.

Asus computers run the Windows operating system. Using preinstalled Windows magnifier tools, you can look closely at small text and images in any program. There is no built-in "zoom out" application in Windows, but many web browsers, word processors and other programs still feature commands to help you zoom out. Across many different Windows programs, a simple shortcut command lets you zoom out fast, providing you with a fuller view of large images, websites, spreadsheets and presentations. Zooming out is not available in every Asus program, but it's possible in many.


Step 1

Click on the window from which you want to zoom out. Using your Asus' Windows shortcuts, you can zoom out in individual windows, not the entire screen. The active window's title bar is darker than inactive title bars, providing a visual clue.

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Step 2

Press and hold the "Ctrl" key.


Step 3

Scroll the mouse wheel downward. Combined with the "Ctrl" key, this is a standard shortcut for zooming out in many programs, such as Web browsers.

Step 4

Press the "minus" key on your keyboard while still holding "Ctrl." If the mouse wheel did not provide results, this other shortcut may work.



Step 5

Press the "PgDn" key while still holding "Ctrl." This alternative keystroke command replaces the "minus" key in some programs, like Microsoft Paint. If you are still unable to zoom out, then the program may not support zooming. Press "F1" to access the software's help menu.




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