Hyundai Bluetooth Instructions

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Setting up the Bluetooth feature in your Hyundai will take under 10 minutes.

Starting in 2007 selected vehicles began to feature Bluetooth technology, which allows drivers to talk on the phone without the use of a speaker phone or headset. Setting up the Bluetooth feature in your Hyundai is similar to setting up a Bluetooth headset with your cell phone, and it will take under 10 minutes. No matter if you have experience working with computers or other technology, setting up the Bluetooth feature is a task that almost anyone can complete.


Step 1

Turn on your cell phone. Turn on the ignition in your Hyundai. Keep your car parked, do not attempt to set up the Bluetooth while driving.

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Step 2

Turn the radio on in the Hyundai. Ensure that the volume is up loud enough so you can hear clearly.


Step 3

Press the "Talk" button on the steering wheel. Once you've done this the radio screen will display "Listening" and will beep.

Step 4

Say "Setup" once you hear the beep. The Bluetooth in the car will respond "Setup."


Step 5

Say "Pair Phone" once you hear the prompt. The Bluetooth will respond "Pair Phone."

Step 6

Say "Yes" to comfirm the pairing process and then say the name of your phone such as "John Doe's Phone" and then "Yes" to confirm the name.



Step 7

Click on the "Settings" menu on your phone and then click on "Bluetooth." Your Hyundai Bluetooth will be displayed on your phone. Click "OK" to select your Hyundai Bluetooth.

Step 8

Wait for the radio to display "Connection Complete." Once it does, do not turn off your car. The Bluetooth will now copy the contacts from your phone to make them readily available. Wait until "Transfer Complete" is displayed on the radio.



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