I Can't Connect to Wi-Fi on My Eee PC

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Toggle Wi-Fi on or off using an Eee PC's function keys.
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Connecting to Wi-Fi is what ASUS Eee PCs were designed to do.. However, these inexpensive and highly-portable netbooks are not without their flaws. If you can't connect to Wi-Fi, it's important to first check the Eee PCs hardware settings in the system BIOS. ASUS has reported that Wi-Fi may become disabled in the BIOS, making any troubleshooting efforts using your operating system fruitless until it's enabled again.



A common cause of failing to connect to Wi-Fi is that the BIOS WLAN option has been disabled. To check this, restart the device and press "F2" as soon as it begins to boot up. This takes you to the BIOS settings. Select "Advanced," then "Onboard Device." Change the "Set WLAN" option to "Enable" if it says it is disabled. Press "F10" on the keyboard to save this setting. After you have done this, you will still need to toggle on the wireless LAN function on the Eee PC.


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The Wireless Toggle Function

Some ASUS Eee PC models include a toggle that switches the device from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi and back again. If you look at the indicator lights and the Bluetooth light is on, but the Wi-Fi light is off, chances are that you need to toggle the Wi-Fi back on. To do this, just hold down the "Fn" key and press the "F2" button once. The Wi-Fi light should come on and the Eee PC will prompt you to select a Wi-Fi network.


Wi-Fi Configuration and Drivers

After enabling Wi-Fi on an Eee PC, it may be necessary to reconfigure your Wi-Fi settings or reinstall the wireless LAN driver. You can find the drivers on the Asus support website by selecting the "Eee PC" family and then selecting your model. You should also check the Wi-Fi router's encryption setting and password, then make sure you have entered those correctly on the Eee PC. Under WPA2 encryption, for example, the router password is case-sensitive and does not contain spaces.


Other Troubleshooting Measures

The ASUS Eee PC is prone to the same limitations with Wi-Fi as any other computer. If you have another Wi-Fi device in the house, like a smartphone or computer, test it to determine whether the Wi-Fi is the problem or your Eee PC. Make sure you are in the same room as the Wi-Fi router when troubleshooting connection issues, with a clear line of sight between both devices. Review your router's documentation to ensure you are using the right network settings when trying to connect.