I Can't Upload to Snapfish

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Developed by Hewlett Packard, Snapfish allows you to upload and share photos with family and friends using online storage. However, upload problems are usually caused by issues with files, system components and even the online service itself. If you can't get your photos on Snapfish, explore the solutions the sharing service provides to resolve upload errors.


Color Space

Snapfish is only capable of uploading images with an sRGB, or Red, Green and Blue color space, or type. Images taken with digital cameras support this color space. If the images you're uploading use a different color space, such as CMYK (or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black), Snapfish won't accept them. If you're editing pictures with programs such as PhotoShop, change the color space settings for all images before uploading them to Snapfish.


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Out Of Memory Error

When you try to upload pictures to Snapfish, the "Out of memory" error message appears if you're uploading more than 250 pictures at a time. The problem may also be caused by system and network connection problems, browser problems or incompatible files. if you're uploading too many photos at one time, reduce the number and upload pictures in smaller batches. Clearing your browser's cache, history and cookies can also solve memory errors. If you're unable to connect to Snapfish, the issue is with your network connection. Resetting the wireless router or modem can restore connectivity; however, if the problem persists, the issue is likely with your Internet Service Provider.


Server Problems

In some cases, the upload problems are on Snapfish's end. If the website is experiencing technical difficulty or heavy traffic, the following message appears on the screen when you try to upload pictures: "We're sorry but the video upload service is temporarily unavailable. We expect to have the service running again very soon. Thank you for your patience." In such a case, wait until the site resumes normal operation or contact customer support for additional information on the nature of the problem.



If you're still unable to upload photos to Snapfish, upload them via email. Currently, you can only upload JPEG image formats by email, including .jpg, .jpeg and .jpe. If you're sending a batch of photos, organize them in Zip compressed files.