LG LCD TV & LG Blu-ray: No Sound

If the audio fails in your entertainment center, watching HD Blu-ray movies isn't worth the time. The picture may still be stunning, but something will be amiss. Audio problems are usually due to one of several potential issues. You can resolve the audio problem between your LG TV and Blu-ray player in a few minutes.


Sometimes the problem may be the volume setting. Use the volume buttons on the TV to turn up the sound. If you've been using the remote, the problem might be with the remote and not the TV.

Enable Speakers

Your LCD TV has the option to disable its own speakers in case you want to use external speakers instead. If that option remains disabled, you won't have any sound. To check this, press the "Home" or "Menu" button on the TV's remote. Use the navigation buttons and the "Enter" button to select "Audio." If you don't see an "Audio" option, select "Setup," then select "Audio." Look for the "TV Speaker" setting. If it's turned off, select it to enable the TV's speakers.

AV Cords

Check all of the cable connections between the Blu-ray player and the LCD TV. If any of connections are loose or disconnected, your TV may not receive an audio signal. If all connections are secure, switch the existing audio cables with new ones, especially if the existing cables appear damaged. If you use HDMI, then the audio and video both transfer through a single cable. If you use component or composite cables, then the audio feed is separate from the video. You only need to switch the audio cable.

TV Reset

Press the "Home" or "Menu" button on the remote and select "Audio." If you don't see an "Audio" option, select "Setup," then "Audio." Select the "Reset" option under "Sound Mode" to reset the audio settings to the default configuration. If this doesn't solve the problem, reset all TV settings. This will clear all configurations, including picture settings and channel programming. Press the "Home" button and select "Option." If you don't see that setting, select "Setup," then "Option." Select "Initial Setting" to reset your TV to its factory configuration.

Blu-ray Player Reset

If the audio doesn't work after you've checked everything else with the connections and TV, you may need to reset the Blu-ray player. Unplug the player from the electrical outlet for at least five seconds, then plug it in. Check to see if the sound is restored. If not, perform a factory reset. This will cause the player to loose all set configurations, such as network settings and Netflix account information. Press the "Home" button on the Blu-ray player's remote. Select "Setup," then select "Others." Select "Initialize," then "Factory Set."


If the sound is still not restored, contact LG support at 800-243-0000.

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