How to Log Into My Ymail Account

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"Ymail," a division of Yahoo!, is not the same as the Yahoo! email service. The main different revolves around the URL at the end of your email address. Instead of "" these addresses are written as "" This slight variation might confuse you about how to log into your Ymail account. The login instructions are similar to that of Yahoo! mail. Additionally, you can recover your ID or password if you have forgotten it.


Step 1

Visit the Yahoo! login page by typing "" into the URL bar. This takes you to both the Yahoo! email sign in and the Ymail sign in.

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Step 2

Type your username into the "Yahoo! ID" box. This is the part of your email address that comes before "" Type in your password. If your password doesn't work, or you don't remember it, choose the blue "I Can't Access My Account" from the bottom of the sign in box.


Step 3

Choose the option that describes your situation best. Options include: "I Forgot My Password", "My Password Doesn't Work", "I Forgot My Yahoo! ID" and "My Account May Have Been Compromised". Press "Next." Follow the on-screen directions to set a new password or recover your ID.




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