My Bluetooth Won't Connect to My Phone

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Bluetooth is a wireless technology which lets you directly transmit information between two Bluetooth-enabled devices. Unlike the Internet, which requires users on different devices to send information as attachments or email messages, Bluetooth allows for the instantaneous transfer of files and folders through its own interface. If you have trouble connecting your Bluetooth phone to another Bluetooth device, there are several troubleshooting methods to solve the problem.


Step 1

Check both devices to make sure they're properly charged and/or contain working batteries.

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Step 2

Ensure you've activated the Bluetooth feature in your cell phone.

Step 3

Check the other device for Bluetooth compatibility. Even though many computers, headsets and even car audio systems can connect to Bluetooth devices, many still cannot. If you don't remember ever using Bluetooth on your other device, and Bluetooth is not advertised anywhere on its packaging, it might not be Bluetooth-enabled.

Step 4

Restart your phone and your other Bluetooth device. Doing so might provide necessary updates to your devices.