My LabelWriter Won't Print

The Dymo LabelWriter is designed specifically to create custom labels quickly and efficiently. Like all electronic devices, however, the Dymo is not entirely perfect and can suffer minor malfunctions from time to time. These issues can take the form of printing errors, incredibly low printing quality, poor label cutting after printing or the device refusing to print at all. Fortunately, the Dymo user manual provides several troubleshooting tips that you can attempt to remedy the problem.

Step 1

Turn off the machine and replace its old batteries with brand new ones. Low battery life can affect how well the machine will print or even if it prints at all.

Step 2

Open the device, remove the current Dymo cassette and inspect the transport roller for any attached dirt or debris. Foreign objects can impede the Dymo from functioning properly.

Step 3

Make sure that the cassette you are using is fully inserted into the Dymo before attempting to print a label. A dislodged or loose cassette will keep the device from printing.

Step 4

Use an entirely different cassette if the device continues to not print. The fault may lie with the cassette you were using and not the Dymo.