How to Print Your Own Livescribe Paper

By Aaron Parson

All models of Livescribe smartpen require special paper to transfer your writing to your computer, mobile device or cloud app. A camera in the pen rapidly takes pictures of tiny dots on the paper, allowing it to track your hand's movement and recreate your writing digitally. To save money, you can print your own dot paper instead of buying pre-printed notepads, as long as you have a compatible printer.

Printer Requirements

Printing Livescribe dot paper requires a color laser printer that prints a minimum of 600 dots per inch. Your printer also must support Adobe PostScript. If you have trouble printing, you might not have a PostScript driver installed. Run your printer's software installation again and check for a PostScript driver option, or download a universal driver from Adobe (link in Resources). These drivers only work with printers listed as PostScript-compatible.

Printing Echo or Pulse Dot Paper

You can print paper for an Echo or Pulse model smartpen through the Livescribe Desktop software on your computer. Connect your pen with the USB cable, as the printing option will not appear without it plugged in. Open the "Tools" menu and click "Printable Notepads" (or "Print Your Own Notebook" on Mac). Choose "Test Page (1 Page)" the first time you print dot paper, and test the paper before returning to the same menu option to print a full notebook.

Printing Livescribe 3 or Sky Dot Paper

To print paper for smartpen models that don't connect to Livescribe Desktop, visit Livescribe's website to download a PDF of the dot paper (link in Resources). Test your printer and pen by first printing the Wi-Fi control sheet. Tap any of the sections on the sheet and your pen should carry out the chosen action. If the control sheet works, download and print a full notebook. You can also print a page with a calculator and time and date settings.

Properly Printing PDFs

When printing dot paper from PDF files, set the size to "Actual Size," or a similar setting, rather than scaling the page. Some browser plugins do not print in adequate quality, so if the paper doesn't work, download the PDF and open it in Adobe Reader rather than a Web browser. When using Reader, set the page scaling to "Fit to Printable Area."