How to Perform a Self-Test on an Epson Inkjet Printer

How to Perform a Self-Test on an Epson Inkjet Printer. Epson inkjet printers are both easy to operate and to troubleshoot. Performing a self-test is a straightforward, useful option in many models. Follow these steps to perform a self-test on your Epson inkjet printer.

Step 1

Plug your printer into a power outlet and be sure the lamp lights up when you push the power button. Turn it back off for now once you're sure it works.

Step 2

Check your model number, written clearly on the front of the printer. You can also check the manual or the box, or find the same information by opening your printers folder from the control panel and clicking on the icon.

Step 3

Hold the "alt" button for 10 seconds while powering on the Stylus Color, Stylus Color II and IIs, or Stylus 1500.

Step 4

Press "Load/Eject" and the power switch for Stylus Color Pro, Pro XL, 400, 600, 800 or 1520.

Step 5

Simultaneously power on and press "Cleaning" for Stylus Color 200. After the first page prints, press "Load/Eject" to print the next test page.

Step 6

Simultaneously power on and press the "Color Cleaning" button for Stylus Color 500.

Step 7

Simultaneously power on and press "LF/FF" for Stylus Color 3000.

Step 8

Press the "Feed" button while powering on for TM models.

Things You'll Need

  • Epson inkjet printer

  • Internet access

  • Computer


Performing a self-test determines whether your printing problem is located in the software or hardware. If the self-test performs flawlessly, then you should reinstall your drivers. If the self-test does not print correctly, you should change your ink cartridges or perform a cleaning cycle. Refer to your manual or the instructions under the printer's top cover. Always refer to your manual first. Although this article offers a general guide, the manual for your product will give the most specific instructions. If your model is not listed here, try using one of the methods anyway. Or try figuring it out on your own-it is usually just a matter of depressing one button while powering on.


Not all printers have a self-test. Read your manual or visit Epson's technical support page to determine if your model does. Don't go overboard with test-pages and cleaning cycles and alignments. These waste a lot of ink and paper.