My Philips GoGear 2GB Won't Turn On

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Power issues can occur in some Philips GoGear 2GB players. If the player will not respond to your commands, won't power on or won't sustain power, this could indicate a problem with the power outlet, the battery or the firmware. The Philips GoGear is designed to be charged by a PC. The device comes with a USB cable to connect it to the computer's USB port. Before troubleshooting the device, try charging the device with the computer for about five hours initially, if this is a new device or battery, or about 30 minutes for each subsequent charge thereafter.


Step 1

Switch to another USB port. Connect the Philips GoGear to the computer with the USB cable. Try to power on the device. If connected to a USB port in the front of the PC, connect it to one in the back of the computer case to eliminate whether or not there is a problem with the USB port.

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Step 2

Boost the battery in the Philips GoGear. Disconnect and reconnect the GoGear to the PC about 10 times. Leave the GoGear connected to the PC each time for about two seconds. After the tenth time, power on the GoGear. If there is no response, leave the device connected to the PC for at least 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, disconnect and reconnect the GoGear to the PC. Try to power on the device again while it is still connected.


Step 3

Repair the GoGear with the Device Manager (see Resources). All data including music, video and photos will be deleted from the GoGear. Open the software by selecting "Philips digital audio player / Device Manager" from the Start menu's "All Programs" folder. Click "Continue" to run the Device Manager. Hold down any key on the GoGear while connecting it to the computer with the USB cable. The Device Manager will detect the connected GoGear and display an error message. Release the GoGear key and select "Yes" in the Device Manager interface to repair the software. Once repaired, power on the device.




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