My PS3 Remote Won't Work

The remote for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) game console is a controller that looks like a TV remote. The PS3 remote enables users to watch Blu-ray movies, browse the Internet, control and play music and even play some games. There are occasional problems, however, which may cause the remote not to function properly, blink excessively or simply not turn on. The problem is typically one of just a few that are easily addressed and resolved.

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Sometimes batteries are all the remote needs to function properly


Change the batteries. If your remote isn't turning on and appears to be "dead," it's possible all you need are new batteries. Slide off the battery door and insert two AA batteries, then test the remote. Look into rechargeable batteries if you use the remote often. This will not only save you money in the long run but will ensure you're never without fresh batteries.


Update your software. This especially applies to individuals who have purchased the remote after the PS3 and may not have the right version of software on their system. The PS3 remote requires at least system software 1.30 in order to function properly. Update your system by visiting the "Settings" section. Click on "System Update" then "Update Via Internet." If your PS3 isn't connected to the Internet, use a USB device to copy the update from the PlayStation website, then install the update from the USB device.


Re-program the remote. Sometimes a PS3 remote won't function properly due to incorrect programming or a lack of programming. To fix this problem, go to "Settings," "Accessory Settings," then "BD Remote" on the PS3 manu. This will bring up a screen of prompts that you must click through in order to properly program your remote.

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