How to Find Out the Last Number That Called a Line

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So you missed what might have been an important telephone call to a land-line phone with no redial button and no caller ID. You want that phone number. Even if the available phone is an antique with a rotary dial, your chances of getting the number are good. In the 1960s and 1970s, AT&T developed a set of codes to engage special telephone services. Those codes became a recognized standard still used today. "Identify Last Incoming Call" was one of those services.


Step 1

Get a dial tone on the telephone line on which you want the number of the last incoming phone call.

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Step 2

Press "*69" (or dial "1169" on a rotary phone).

Step 3

Listen for and record the number of the last incoming call. If you do not hear a voice providing that number (and it is not automatically redialed), go to Step 4.



Step 4

Contact the land-line service provider. At your location, a per-use option may not be available, or the "Identify Last Incoming Call" code may differ from "*69."




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