Problems With Lorex Cameras

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Identifying common problems with Lorex cameras helps prevent security risks.

Lorex is a popular brand of surveillance camera that features simplicity of use. However, this doesn't mean that they are problem-free all the time. Lorex systems are prone to the same problems that all surveillance camera systems suffer from. Knowing common problems with Lorex cameras is the first step to addressing and preventing security risks from arising.


Setup and Placement Problems

Not all Lorex cameras are simple to set up. Users who opt to install their own systems can make mistakes. Because setup is highly dependent on the location where the system should be, errors in placement will result in inadequate coverage, poor picture quality and other problems. Consulting a security systems specialist and a Lorex representative can help prevent placement problems.

Picture Quality, Resolution and Lighting

The picture quality of a Lorex camera depends on both internal and external factors, including the quality of the hardware itself and the ambient lighting of the area where the camera is placed. Because poor lighting obscures images, be sure to install adequate lighting in areas requiring surveillance.


Improper camera focus or a problem with the camera itself can affect picture quality and resolution. Either a professional or the owner himself can adjust the focus manually or remotely. If the image is still subpar after you adjust the focus, the Lorex camera's resolution may be too low for your requirements. In this case, purchasing a camera with higher resolution is your only course of action. This is why it is important to get a Lorex camera with as high a resolution as your budget can afford. Purchasing a camera with infrared and/or night vision is also helpful, especially in low-lit areas. However, not all Lorex cameras with night vision have impressive picture resolution.


Monitoring Problems

Cameras can now be monitored remotely, even through the Internet. However, there are times when monitoring a Lorex camera will not work because of browser or software incompatibility. Check to see if your system's software runs fine prior to use and get software updates as necessary. Because continuous monitoring can be tiring, installation of motion sensors helps make the monitoring process more efficient.

Internet Problems

Internet monitoring is now a very popular feature of security systems where users can get surveillance camera footage from their homes, business establishments or even while on vacation. Poor or slow Internet service can lead to difficulty accessing data. When monitoring surveillance cameras away from your home or business, be sure you have a fast and reliable Internet connection.