Right-Click Is Not Working With the Mouse

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While right-click problems may occur suddenly, they are easy to troubleshoot.

The ability to right-click with your mouse is a vital necessity in any given system. Commonly used options include copying, pasting and selecting text. If your mouse does not right-click, it may be caused by one of many common factors.


General System Malfunction

Using your system session for prolonged periods of time may cause odd behavior. This includes the inability to right-click with your mouse, or paste content using keyboard shortcuts. Restart your computer to dump all temporary data causing such system failure.


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System Bugs

In the event your operating system becomes infected with malware or otherwise corrupted files, unexpected behavior may arise. This includes the disappearance of common icons, system features, general mouse functions and more. Perform a system cleanup to troubleshoot the cause.


Poor Battery Life

Depending on the amount of energy your mouse batteries contain, controlling the cursor might be possible while right-clicking may not. This generally leads to an immediate, complete halt of responses. Testing newer batteries may fix such a problem.


Damaged Mouse

Over time, it is possible that your computer mouse may physically malfunction. This may cause unpredictable cases where right-clicking works intermittently. Test a newer mouse on your computer and compare results.