Samsung TV Setup Instructions

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A Samsung TV is not ready to use when it's right out of the box. Samsung only makes flat screen TVs. All flat screen TV's come with TV stands so they can stand up. Samsung stands come in two pieces that must be put together before the stands can be connected to the TVs. Installing the TV stand on a Samsung TV does not take long and does not require any special tools.


Step 1

Lay the stand down. The stand is the flat piece. Set the guide stand on top of the stand. The guide stand is shaped like the letter "L." Position the guide stand so the holes line up with the holes of the stand. Place the screws through the holes of the guide stand into the stand and tighten with a Phillips screw driver. The two pieces united are now referred to as "the stand." Determine the front of the stand. The front of the stand is shaped like the letter "L," while the back side is flat.

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Step 2

Pick the TV up and lift it over the stand. Lower the TV onto the stand while having a friend help guide the TV to the stand. Insert the screws through the screw holes at the bottom of the TV into the stand, then tighten them with the screwdriver. The front of the stand must be facing the same direction as the TV when you connect the TV to the stand.


Step 3

Connect the female end of the power cord to the power prongs of the TV set and plug the male end of the power cord into the wall outlet. Plug your antenna into the threaded RF port labeled "Antenna In."

Step 4

Remove the battery cover from the remote control and insert the batteries in the proper direction using the diagram inside the battery chamber. Turn the TV on. You will be prompted to select a language, then enter the date and time and finally select an antenna source. Use the arrow buttons on the remote to navigate options, the number pad to insert numbers and the "Enter" button to select options. After inputting the information, the TV searches for channels automatically.