How to Set Up Templates for Bookmarks in MS Word

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With Microsoft Word you can make your own distinctive bookmarks.

You can use Microsoft Word to create a wide variety of custom documents. Whether you want to make bookmarks for your own personal use, or for a mass handout at a promotional event, this program provides an easy place to start. With a bookmark template, you can set up the functional size and shape of your bookmarks once, using the template to create new and different designs each time. This will save time and effort for subsequent projects if you plan to use this type of document frequently.


Step 1

Open the "Insert" menu in the Microsoft Word toolbar and select "Text Box." A box will appear on your document along with a floating text box menu.

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Step 2

Drag the bottom right corner of the box until you have the desired dimensions for your bookmark. The ruler along the top and left hand edges of the document will help you determine the size of the text box. Standard bookmarks are typically 2 inches wide and anywhere from 6 to 8 inches tall.


Step 3

Click anywhere outside the text box to deselect it. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to create a second text box for an additional bookmark. You can easily fit two bookmarks measuring 2 inches by 8 inches on a single sheet of paper.

Step 4

Insert text, borders and pictures inside each text box to further decorate the bookmarks. Keep in mind that the purpose of a template is to provide a starting point for later projects. Don't include specific text or images on the template if those elements are meant for only a single project. Generic features such as a dark border or lines for writing in the name of the bookmark's owner are appropriate for this type of template.


Step 5

Click on the "File" menu at the top of the page and click on "Save As…" to open the save menu. In the drop down box beside "Save as type:" select "Document Template." This will allow you to save the template with distinct boxes set up for bookmarks.



By default, Word will try to save the new template in the "\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates" folder. You may save it elsewhere if you would like, but only those templates saved in this default folder will appear in the easy-to-use "Templates" dialog box for later use.


Step 6

Close the document you are working with once you have successfully saved the template. To use the template, open a new document by selecting "New..." from the "File" menu. In the menu that opens on the right of the program, select "On my computer" from the "Templates" section of the menu. This opens the default "Templates" dialog box, where you will find your template if you saved it in the default folder. If you have saved your template in a different location, select "Open" from the "File" menu and find the template where it was saved.




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