Skype Username Tips

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Skype can be used for a variety of purposes, including business conference calls, video chats with friends, and conducting interviews. Before choosing a Skype name, a Skype user should think of how she wants to present herself to other Skype users and what the main purpose of her Skype chats will be. A Skype username must contain between 6 and 32 characters (letters or numbers only) and the first character must be a letter.


Username for Business Calls

If you are going to have an interview over Skype or are using Skype to call business colleagues, you should choose a user name that is appropriate for them to see. This may be a different username than what you use to talk with your friends.


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Username for Privacy

If you want to maintain privacy on Skype, choose a username that does not include your exact name so people cannot search for you. Do not include your name or other profile data in your Skype profile either.


Username Reflects Your Interests

Think of a username that reflects your interests when choosing a username that you will use to communicate with friends and family. For example, if you are a tennis fan your username could be "tennisplayer2011."


Include Your Real Name

Put your real name in your Skype username so people can recognize you when you call them. (Think over any privacy concerns first.) If you have a username that does not include your name, people that you are not Skype contacts with may not answer the call, because they will not recognize your username. If you have a common name that is already another Skype user's username, you can add a number or punctuation mark in your username to make it different. For example, Sarah Johnson as a username can be "Sarah_Johnson" or "SarahJohnson87."