How to Split a Screen onto Two Monitors

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You can connect an additional monitor to your computer.

Splitting your computer desktop between two monitors increases the amount of work space you have available. With two monitors, you could have a full-screen Internet browser and word processing application open and operating simultaneously, with the ability to check both. If you want to split the screen across two monitors, Windows makes the process easy with just a few settings changes. Once it is set up, you can change the ordering of the monitors if you like, and customize your display in many ways.


Step 1

Connect your second monitor to your computer using the spare graphics card port. If you don't have a spare port, you will not be able to split your screen over two monitors. Turn on your computer once it is connected.

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Step 2

Click "Start," then "Control Panel," then scroll down to the "Appearance and Personalization" settings. Click "Adjust screen resolution."


Step 3

Click the "Multiple displays" drop-down menu and click "Extend these displays."


Step 4

Click and drag the monitors (named "1" and "2") left or right to rearrange your display.

Step 5

Click "Apply," and then "OK" to save changes.




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