The Advantages & Disadvantages of GoToMeeting

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GoToMeeting is a web-conferencing program developed by Cintrix that allows users to hold business meetings online. This software offers great benefits for companies needing to conduct meetings with personnel across the globe.


GoToMeeting gives managers a lot of flexibility when scheduling meetings. If an individual cannot make a meeting, it can be rescheduled with ease using GoToMeeting.


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Lower Costs

GoToMeeting cuts down on travel costs for company employees required to attend meetings.Airfare, hotels, and rental cars can all be avoided through the use of GoToMeeting, allowing companies to reinvest these funds into the business.


Network Capabilities

A disadvantage to GoToMeeting is the need for a fast, error-free Internet connection. Even if a company has a strong connection, any issues like power outages or violent weather could affect the program.


Software Problems

As with all computer software, errors may occur that are simply unavoidable. Failing to load, or cutting out during use are some errors that affect the usefulness of GoToMeeting.

Best Use

GoToMeeting can be successfully used in businesses that have the necessary requirements for the software. Additionally, having a strong support staff or computer tech available can help mitigate any issues from network connections or software problems.