The Programming Instructions for a Sharp Aquos HD Remote

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Choosing a Sharp Aquos television for the centerpiece of your home theater is a solid choice. Most mid and upper level models, such as the 50-inch class Aquos 4K Ultra HD, are shipped with a universal remote to serve as a single control point for your other audio-visual devices, as well.

Unlike its earlier remotes, in which a universal remote controlled each device through an infrared beam, Sharp Aquos remotes take advantage of HDMI consumer electronics control protocols to operate devices such as Blu-ray and DVD players and home theater amplifiers when connected to an Aquos TV with an HDMI cable. There is no need to use manufacturer codes or scans for compatible equipment.

Things You'll Need

  • Up to four HDMI-enabled devices, such as Blu-ray, DVD, set-top box from your cable or satellite provider or personal video recorder

  • LINK-compatible audio system (optional)

  • HDMI-certified cables

Controlling HDMI-Enabled Devices

Step 1

Connect each external device directly to the Aquos TV using HDMI-certified cables. The number of devices you can connect depends on the number of HDMI inputs on your model. For example, the 50-inch LC-50UB30U model has three HDMI inputs, while the 80-inch LC-80UH30U has four.

Step 2

Press Input on the Aquos remote and use the up and down arrows to select the HDMI port for the device you want to control.


You can also cycle sequentially through all image sources by pressing the Input button alone.

Step 3

Control the device using the buttons on the bottom of the Aquos remote.

Setting Up ARC Audio Devices

Audio return channel is an HDMI feature that allows audio connection through the HDMI cable linking home theater components that support ARC. It can remove the need for other audio connections between playback components and amplifiers, such as sound bars or other home theater sound systems.

Step 1

Connect an audio device that supports Audio Return Channel function using an HDMI-certified cable.

Step 2

Press Menu on the Aquos remote and use the arrow keys to select Initial Setup, Advanced and AQUOS LINK Setup.

Step 3

Select Auto to enable the Auto Return Channel function. Your ARC-compatible amplifier will now play TV audio.


Not all external equipment using HDMI cables may be compatible with Sharp's LINK system, particularly older devices. While these may work with conventional universal remotes, they are not programmable to work with the Sharp Aquos remote.