How Do I Get to the Input on a Vizio TV?

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HDTVs, such as those manufactured by Vizio, are becoming more and more pervasive in homes, coinciding with the increasing popularity of high-definition (HD) picture and audio technology in general. Should you choose to use one of these TVs in your home, you will more than likely be attaching component devices such as digital cable boxes, DVD players and video game systems to the TV's video and audio connection inputs. Thus, you need to know how to switch the TV to these inputs to use the component devices.


Step 1

Locate the input selection controls on your Vizio remote and press it. This is the simplest way to cycle through all of your Vizio's video inputs. On most Vizio remotes, each input will have a separate button assigned to it (component, HDMI, AV) and pressing that button will take you to the corresponding input. If you are using a universal remote instead, you may have a single button labeled "input," "source" or the like.


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Step 2

Locate and press the input selection controls on the front of your Vizio and press them. Depending on the model of Vizio you use, you may have an additional input selection control on the TV's front panel that you can use in the event your remote does not work. Look for a button labeled "input," or "source" and press it to see if it cycles through your video inputs.


Step 3

Purchase a universal remote and program it to your Vizio TV. Make sure to purchase a universal remote that has an input selection control and that is programmable to Vizio TVs. If the remote and TV input controls do not let you select inputs, it may be necessary to have the Vizio TV repaired; but in the meantime, using a universal remote provides a convenient workaround.