Toshiba TV Color Settings Problems

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Adjusting the Toshiba's color settings often fixes problems with the color.
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Color problems with Toshiba televisions can affect your viewing experience. The cause of most color problems are the TV's settings, which are adjustable through the main menu, or the connection from the video source to the television. You can remedy most color problems with Toshiba televisions by troubleshooting the settings and connection.


Picture Settings

Toshiba televisions come with a range of picture settings, such as color and tint, that you can adjust according to your preferences. The color setting adjusts how rich the color looks on the screen. A lower setting results in paler colors, while a higher setting results in deeper colors. The tint setting changes the look of the colors on the screen. A lower tint setting highlights the reds in colors, and a higher tint setting highlights greens. You can correct the television's colors by adjusting the color and tint settings, found in the "Picture" menu on the main menu.


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Picture Modes

Certain types of programming viewed on Toshiba televisions lend themselves to specific picture settings, and are stored as "Picture Modes." For example, when watching a sports broadcast, brighter settings make viewing the action easier, while a lower contrast often enhances movie images. The settings in one picture mode might distort the colors when watching a different type of program. Switch to a picture mode that suits the type of programming you are watching if you have problems with the colors. You'll find the picture modes in the "Picture" menu.



Toshiba designed its televisions with a factory default reset, which reverts the televisions' settings to their factory defaults. Resetting the television reverts it to the state it was in when first taken from the box. When resetting the television, all of your other settings, such as saved channels, are also reset.



Some color problems are caused by the connection to your television. Check that the wires are secure to the jacks on the back of the television and that they are not damaged. When using component cables, check that they are all plugged into the correct jacks. Plugging component cables into the wrong jacks can distort the color on the screen. Use a different connection method, such as an HDMI cable, to see if the problem is with the cables.



Some color issues are caused by a problem from the broadcaster. Change to a different channel to see if the problem is confined to one channel or all of them. Magnetic interference can also cause problems with your screen; keep other electronics at a distance from the television to prevent interference.




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