How to Transfer Photos From an Email to the My Photos Folder on a Computer

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Receiving photo attachments from family members and friends is a fun feature of nearly every email server. Although viewing them from your inbox is convenient, you may want to save the photos to your computer's My Photos folder for easier access. Doing so will also enable you to edit the photos (such as cropping the size or adding fake mustaches using MS Paint).


Step 1

Log on to your email account.

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Step 2

Select the email that contains the photo(s) you wish you transfer to your computer.

Step 3

Right-Click on the link of the photo you want to save. These links are typically located underneath the subject line in the "Attachments" field. Photos sent via email may also be embedded in the body of your email.


Step 4

Select "Save As." Select a location, the "My Photos" folder, for your file in the pop-up box. This folder is typically located on your computer's C:/Drive.


Step 5

Name your photo. This will make it easier to categorize as you save more photos to your computer.

Step 6

Repeat steps 3 through 6, selecting other photos you wish to save, until all photos are copied to your 'My Photos' folder.



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