Troubleshooting the Singing Machine

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When you set up your Singing Machine, be sure to connect all the cables correctly to avoid audio and video problems. Check your discs to be sure they're clean, unscratched, of the standard type and contain music and vocal tracks. If you have trouble configuring other components such as a TV or VCR, call the manufacturer's customer service line for quick advice.



If there's no power to the machine when the power switch is on, make sure the power cord is plugged in and the cord is connected to the Machine. If you're using battery power, check to make sure there are batteries in the battery compartment and that the batteries aren't dead. If the machine is plugged in and there's no power to the unit, the electrical outlet might not have power. Check the outlet by plugging in another appliance.

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If there's no sound from the TV or the PA system, make sure you've chosen the correct function. Try turning up the volume on the TV and PA system. Be sure both of them are turned on. Check the red and white patch cords to see if they're tightly attached to the TV and the PA system.


If your audio is going through the VCR or the TV and there's no sound, your source selection on either the VCR or the TV is incorrect. Consult your TV or VCR manual for the correct way to set them up. If you don't have your manual, check the manufacturer's website for information or call their customer service line. Be sure the red and white patch cords connected securely to the TV or VCR and the Singing Machine.

If your audio is going through your sound system, and you have no sound, you might have selected the wrong source. Select "AUX IN" for your source. You might have connected the sound system incorrectly. The red patch cord should be connected to the "AUX INPUT-R" jack on the Singing Machine and the "AUDIO OUTPUT-R" jack on your sound system. The white patch cord should be connected to the "AUX INPUT-L" jack on the Singing Machine and the "AUDIO OUTPUT-L" jack on your sound system.


Other Problems

If the CD player doesn't work or the display reads "NO," "E" or "00," the disc might be inserted upside-down. Insert it correctly. The disc might be dirty. Wipe it clean using a soft cloth. The disc is scratched or warped. Insert a new one. You're using a non-standard disc. Use only discs with the "Compact Disc: Digital Audio" logo. If there's moisture inside the CD deck, allow the machine to sit for 20 to 30 minutes to dry. If the unit needs to be reset, unplug it from the electrical outlet, wait about 30 seconds and plug it in again.


If the song lyrics aren't appearing on the screen, the video cable might be connected incorrectly. Connect it to the "Video Out" jack on the Singing Machine and the "Video In" jack on your TV. Your TV source selector might not be set to video. Use the TV remote to scroll through the channels until you reach "Video Input." If your TV doesn't have "Video Input," you'll need a Radio Frequency Modulator (RF Modulator), which you can buy at an electronics store. You can also try connecting from the "Video Out" of the Singing Machine to the "Video In" on your VCR. Make sure your disc is CDG.


When playing a CDG disc and using the microphone and the music or vocals "cut out," the sound channels might not be adjusted correctly. Repeatedly press the "Audio" button until the indicator shows stereo sound is selected. You might be playing a CD that contains only music. Use a CD that contains both music and vocal tracks.


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