How to Type a Status in Bold on Facebook

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At first glance, adding any kind of type treatment in Facebook looks impossible. Methods such as surrounding the text with asterisks and HTML text formatting code all fail within its status-update fields, as Facebook does not natively support stylized text (perhaps to keep the site from resembling MySpace). But users do have the ability to call attention to an important Facebook status update by setting its text in bold. A Facebook application by Crazy Davinci titled "Bold Text," overrides Facebook's inherent text styling limits and allows you to create a status update with upside-down, italicized or bold text.


Step 1

Log into Facebook and visit

Step 2

Click the "Go to App" button, which is underneath Facebook's main search field.

Step 3

Set the text's alignment style properties. The Bold Text app allows you to align the field's contents to the left or center it. Click on the alignment style that best suits your post's message.

Step 4

Confirm that the bold text icon is active. Activate other font-style changes if you want them.


Step 5

Select a typeface for your status post entry from the "Font" drop-down menu. Check the "FlipText/UpsideDown" box if you want to flip a status entry upside down.

Step 6

Choose where you want the post to appear. Select "My Own Wall" from the "To" drop-down menu. You may also send posts with bold text to your friends' or favorite groups' pages.

Step 7

Remove any advertisement that may pop up and cover the "Message" field by clicking the "X" in its top-right corner. Click the "X" to delete the advertisement, and then click inside of the "Message" box to prevent another ad from appearing.


Step 8

Type your status into the "Message" text box, which contains the words, "Write Something Here."

Step 9

Click "Preview" to review your status entry before you post it. Look for spelling mistakes and potentially embarrassing typos. Click the "Clear" button if you need to re-enter the text.

Step 10

Press the "Send" button to make the status update visible on your Facebook Wall.